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24.05.05 - Wow. Have I ever forgotten to update this page. Oops? *gr*

Well, I've done quite a bit. I've added on new pictures to various character galleries including James Marsters. I've also update Mr. Marsters news (located on the bio. page) and filmography pages.

In case you haven't noticed, I've added a new XHTML layout to the site. It's not exactly perfect yet, and may yet see some changes, but it's to make things easier for you all. If you don't like the layout, strip the CSS code out and you get a plain text version of this site. Neat, huh?

There may have been various updates here and there to older seasons of both Angel and Buffy. Check around in the multimedia sections of AtS and BtVS for updates there too.

Right, last but not least I've created a browser toolbar for your convenience. It has search features, lists related links to any site you visit, page rank stats, a link to my site, as well as a link to Amazon. It's a neat little bar actually. It's powered by both Alexa and Amazon. Find it here.

09.02.04 - Sitewide updates all around. I've made a few minor changes to the privacy policy. I've made some general site updates including encrypting the email addresses featured on the site, and using SSI for the main header. I've updated James Marsters page with recent news, as well as the Buffy page with updates for the series and a few of it's stars. Buffy Season 5 through 7 is getting an overhaul. I'll be adding episode guides, new eppy screencaps, and updating the character profiles. Also, I've added a few new wallpapers, LJ icons, and AIM buddy icons to the Angel and Buffy downloads. Last but not least, I've added new items to the Angel, Buffy, and Spike stores.

07.06.04 - Once again I've forgotten to update this page. *blushes* Since I haven't been keeping up, I'll just give you a run-down of all the updates I've made recently. First of all, all Monty Python scripts have been taken down by request. Check the Python Links section of alternate sites. Next, in Angel I've updated the episode guides for season 1, 2 and 5. I've added a few new icons and logo brushes to the media page. For the Buffy sections, I've updated the episode guides for seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. For Season 6, there's actually a full aray of cast photos, multimedia, and icons. Check the fan fiction section there too as I've added a series of new crossovers featuring Xander and Chiana (from Farscape). I've added a few new icons and PSP logo brushes to the media page. Last but not least, I've finally started adding the episode guides for the new series of shows: Star Trek. Currently I have up season 1 through 4 episode guides and adoptions for Enterprise, as well as season 1 through 7 episode guides for Voyager. I'll be filling in the content for those sections before I move onto the other shows.

02.02.04 - I've updated the episode titles, ratings, and collectibles for Angel Season 5. I've also updated Angel Season 3 links with new photos, media downloads, and episode guides. Angel now has it's own Fan Fiction section, so far with one story. It's open for submissions. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction has also been updated with new fiction, old stuff removed, and a reorganized look. The newest story added is Birthday Present by Trish (post-Chosen, B/S).

30.12.03 - There's been just a few updates here and there. I've added another new affiliate. Check out the Angel and Buffy main pages for links to the fan clubs for any interested folks out there. All transcripts and fanfiction in the Monty Python sections have been removed by request of the DMCA. Sorry to all the fans out there that relied on those. Check the Python Links section for alternative sources of that information. Last but not least, two of my fanart pieces have won awards: "Together Again" for Best Manipulation, and "Spike'n'Angel" for Best Wallpaper. Check the Angel Downloads section to see both of these, and their respective awards. Also on that page is a game promoting the release of Radio Sunnydale. It's kinda silly, but it's something to keep yourself occupied.

03.12.03 - I've been updating the Episode Guides like crazy, and yet I'm still not caught up. There's a few new episodes featured for both Angel Season 2 and Buffy Season 5. Also, with the release of B:tVS Season 5 on video, there's a bunch of media and downloads available on that page. I've just posted six interview clips featuring James Marsters, Adam Busch, Joss Whedon, Michelle Trachtenburg, and David Fury. There's been a few small updates here and there, including some new information added to James Marsters Biography.

24.09.03 - Sorry, I've been updating, but I keep forgetting to add it to this page. Usually, you can see the latest updates posted to the forums. I've added a character biography and photo gallery for Anya, a photo gallery for Cordelia, I've seperated out the character biographies for her between Sunnydale and Los Angeles. I've also updated the photo galleries for both Angel and Spike. I've picked up a new affiliate that offers you collectible action figures, some of them even exclusives. You can see the banners in the headers throughout the site, but I've added invidividual figures to the Monty Python Store, and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Store. Last, I've been slowly updating the episode guides for all seasons on both Angel and Buffy. Keep an eye on the episode guide pages for those shows.

03.06.03 - I added a few new items to BtVs Season 4. First, there's two new screen caps - one for Hush and another for Who Are You? Next, there's two new interview clips with Joss Whedon - one that's an overview of what happens with the character, and the other is commentary on the new relationship between Willow and Tara.

02.06.03 - Just a few minor updates. First of all, the Community Forums are back online. Nobody has to re-register as I had the database backed up. Thanks to one of our Python fans, Andrew, we've updated Series 3 - script 36. Apparently it was missing half the script... Also, there's some new buddy icons in the Buffy downloads. I've updated all of the fanfic libraries and the memorabilia stores. Just search around to see what's new and different there. Last but not least, I've update the Buffy Logo brush with a cleaner version. Soon it will be updated yet again with a second brush designed for dark backgrounds.

27.05.03 - In case you haven't noticed, the Angel Logo downloadable Photoshop brush I had featured on the site was missing the tail. I've fixed that now and updloaded a newer version. Also, in preperation for upcoming Season 5 on Angel, I've put up a new manipulation featuring the listed cast regulars. It's not wallpaper size for now, it's just a GP photo. If I get enough requests, I may try to come up with a full-size wallpaper for that image. Also, the collectibles store for Spike/James Marsters has been very successful so I'll be adding one for Angel/David Boreanaz. Before I put it up though I want to update the Biography, Links, Photo Gallery, and Filmography sections to match the style I've setup in Spike's section. Keep a look out for that. Oh, and in a couple last minute updates I've added the Buffy Logo for Adobe Photoshop and a video interview for Joss Whedon speaking about Season 4.

02.05.03 - I've added a full collectibles store exclusive to the character Spike, and the actor who plays him (James Marsters). If that seems to be popular, I'll start adding them for other characters beginning with David Boreanaz.

04.03.03 - Let's see now, I've added four new BtVS stories that are part of a Season 7 AU series. It begins with 146 and ends with Consumed. Finally, I've added a new video to the BtVS Music Videos section. I've been setup as a mirror download site for the Popup Video featured at a recent CreationCon.

16.01.03 - On a roll now, I got Season 6 Guide up today. One more season to get up, then I'll start back tracking through the episodes to get summaries up.

15.01.03 - Finally getting caught up on the seasons episode guides. I've added Season 5 Guide. The episode summaries and relevant character pages are not yet up. I'll get those finished once I get the remaining guides up.

25.12.02 -Yeah, so I didn't exactly take a long Holiday vacation. Kinda gets boring while the men are watching football. Right, so I've added an Memorabilia and Collectibles for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Store and Monty Python Store.

17.12.02 - I'm a bit behind on adding my updates to this section, so I'll get you up to speed with this one. All exisiting photo galleries have been updated with new photos and posters. This includes Angel, Buffy, Spike, Willow, and Xander. I have also added a new photo gallery for Dawn. With the demise of Zero's participation in, I've got the chance to add a Biography and Filmography to the James Marsters section. There is a large new selection of posters in all of those galleries, plus I've added new posters to the main BtVS Gallery. Due to the release of the Season 3 DVD in the US coming January 7th, I've revamped the Season 3 section. There's an all new summary, screen caps for eppy three and four, plus a description of the contents of the Season 3 DVD set that will be available soon. This leads us to two new sections. First, I've added a Downloads section that features a Spuffy webset, and Season 3 Buddy Icons. The second new section is Buffy Music Videos. There's a new video there by Sarah featuring the women of Sunnydale and Los Angeles accompanied the Spice Girls song "Spice Up Your Life".

09.09.02 - A Little Soul Buffy Fiction added. New Discussion Forum community added to site.

19.06.02 - Future Imperfect Buffy Fiction added. Updated Buffy, Angel, and Willow photo galleries. Added Spike photo gallery. Added Buffy Poster Gallery.

04.05.01 - A Summer's Day, Mid-Summer Night, An Autumn Evening, and G-H Buffy Fiction added.

01.05.01 - Buffy Season 4 episode guide and Ally McBeal character guide added.

14.04.01 - Just one thing to add today, but it's a big thing. Never Send A Psychotic To Do A Lunatic's Job is what it's called.

12.04.01 - Right then, I'm getting back on top of it now, another two new Buffy fics today, Shiny Menace and The Great Twinkie War.

11.04.01 - Wow, it's been over a month since I updated the site! Well, I'm now going to be doing a diary thingy most days. Oh, and I've added a couple of Buffy fictions, Only Human and Sex Bomb.

10.03.01 - You can now buy things from the site. Just go to the Buy This! sections in each of the main categories.

06.03.01 - Well, I've finally managed to get around to it. The Monty Python Series Three scripts are on line now! Yay!

04.03.01 - Another day, another update. Today both the Buffy and Ally McBeal links sections have been updated with new reviews. I've also added Seal of Fate to the Buffy Fanfiction section.

03.03.01 - Buffy Adoptions section created. Basically a place where I put all the lovely Buffy things I've adopted on the internet.

01.03.01 - Another fairly sizeable update.

Ally McBeal Fanfiction section uploaded.

Ally McBeal Characters Index Page uploaded.

23.02.01 - Oops, noticed a mistake in "Ripping Confessions". I'd not got the end of Part 10 in there. Likewise "Of Mice and Mutants" had been mucked up somehow. Both fixed now.

22.02.01 - Well, I have updated lots of things before today but I only thought of doing this today, so you only get updates from today. Ok?

Buffy Fanfiction section uploaded.

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