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    When Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku) finds herself working the midnight shift at the city morgue after a
    high-profile internship falls through, she discovers she can relive the previous day - and uses that ability to try to prevent the wrongful deaths of the murder victims. With the clock ticking, Tru is compelled to traverse the city to prevent the tragedies, and prevent her own family members from

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    *~*~* Second Season Approved: After months of rumors flying around that the show would see it's end, it's been announced that they've been approved for a full second season. The first season will be released on DVD on November 30th. No word as of yet as to whether they'll make it past season 2.

    • Eliza Dushku Gets Show: In an interesting turn of events, the former vampire slayer turned down a chance to resume her role from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her own series, to take the role as a morgue attendant in a new Fox series, "Tru Calling."

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