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General Links

Sites I Like

Every site has to have a list of links that they like so here's mine. This page has links that are really nothing to do with the subject matter of the site. These are mainly just sites I find useful, and that I like for one reason or another. Have a look to the left if you're looking for sites related to the featured shows.

NOTE: I'll take a look at any offers you send for trading links, but honestly I don't usually accept them. The sites I list on my site are restricted to content specifically related to the subject matter of this site, and I usually find them on my own. Any sites I list in the show related links will be useful, unique, and well done sites that cater to the featured shows of this site.

HTML Goodies - A great site if you're just learning HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and more. It also has some good in depth tutorials on more advanced programming. It's my first stop if I have questions.

Laughing Specter - Personal site featuring poems, reflections on life, resources, as well as book and music recommendations.

Skot Leach - An artist that explores multiple mediums, including experimental and independent films, various artwork, and photography. Also featured is the Gameboy Film Festival and message boards.

Exchange Links

JS Rock Penpals - Offers penpals and contacts for anyone in the UK into rock music of all kinds.

Keoz - An "Arts Vertical Portal" featuring a host of topics that we tend to gravitate towards such as music, fiction (our favorite), horror, films, and design.

My Other Sites

FoxShadow Designs - I've recently changed over my professional portfolio to it's own site. This features the various logos, websites, and banners that I've created for myself and other clients.

My LiveJournal - My personal online journal detailing reflections on life, b:tvs and angel fan fiction and fan art, as well as miscellaneous links and recommendations.

Rhonda's Reviews - This is my very first site featuring my reviews on films of various genres. More often than not, I also showcase upcoming movies that I'm excited about. The site offers local showtimes, discussion board, and movie memorabilia.

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