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For many years fans of various television programs have felt that the shows didn't go far enough in the direction that they wanted. So, instead of sitting on their behinds doing nothing about it, or quietly grumbling to themselves, they decided to change the world. Well, write short stories, anyway.

So, nowadays, when I trawling through the vast backwaters of the Internet, if I find a specimen worthy of the attention of the masses then I'll bring it back and tame it within our walled garden.


P.S. If you've got a general crossover fic that you would like to see listed here, contact me for consideration.

Star Trek

"Black Adder XII: The Next Generation" by Matthew Wayne Gertz - Star Trek meets Monty Python in a parody. (PG-13)


"Who Ya' Gonna Call?" by Kirrasmommy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover with Ghostbusters. Xander moves to New York to rebuild his life after an unexpected death in the Scooby Gang. S/X (R)

"A Portrait in Green" by Ami Ree - Ghostbusters crossover with, of all things, Caroline in the City.


"Of Mice and Mutants" Part by David J. Warner - Pinky and The Brain crossover - Nark!

"The Tale Of The Last Twinkie" by Maelstrom - Angst, drama, comedy. This one has it all.

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