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    Anthony Stewart Head
    Rupert Giles

    | Biography | Photo Gallery |

    Age: 50 (approx.)
    Former Occupations: Watcher, Librarian, Owner - Magic Box (Sunnydale)

    Rupert GilesRupert Giles first came to Sunndale shortly before Buffy arrived in 1996. He came from "a British Museum, or The British Museum;" we're not sure which. Over his time with Buffy, Giles has developed a bond far deeper than any Watcher/Slayer relationship has gone before. In fact, he was fired from the Council of Watchers at the end of "Helpless" for showing the love of a father towards Buffy.

    Giles however, also has a shadowy past as first hinted at in "Hallowe'en", when Ethan Rayne called him Ripper, and Giles quite blatantly punched him to the ground. Shocked? We were stunned. Other great bits of "Ripperage" include "Band Candy", when Giles and Joyce do some "naughty things" on a Police Car bonnet, and "Faith, Hope and Trick" when Giles threatens Principal Snyder.

    Giles' time as Buffy's Watcher comes to an end after the school is gone. Since he feels his Slayer is no longer a child in need of direction, he attempts to take his life in a new direction. He opens up a magic supplies store, called The Magic Box.

    The opening of the magic store gave his life a new directly. Finally, he had a life in the world other than to play an unwanted Watcher to an adult Slayer. Interestingly enough, the store ended up being the main meeting place for all Scooby activities.

    He managed to run the store, along with the help of Xander's girlfriend Anya, for the better part of a year. However, the death of his beloved Slayer forced him to sign over the lease to Anya and skip town. He remained in his home country until just shortly after Buffy was brought back from the dead.

    He returned to Sunnydale for a short time to help his Slayer with the transition back to life. In an ironic twist of fate, he learned that Buffy was more dependent on him than she ever had been before. It wasn't healthy for her to rely on him so much when she had to learn to be independent, so he left once again. This time, he hoped his leaving would be the final lesson for his Slayer.

    He didn't return again until a year later after the destruction of the Watcher's Council, signaling the onset of a potential apocolypse. He began a worldwide search for potential Slayers, and brought them back to Sunnydale for Buffy to train. He didn't really stay in any once place for too long during that time, until the very end.

    He struggled with learning how to cope with a now independent Slayer, and learned that he taught her more than he bargained for with her. He had a battle of wills with her for a short time, but in the end he could do nothing else but help her win the war.

    He survived the destruction of Sunnydale, and left town with the others. Currently, he's living in England helping to rebuild the new Watcher's Council.

    | Biography | Photo Gallery |

    Giles is played by Anthony Stewart Head.
    Age: 20 February 1954
    Camden, London, England, UK
    London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (music).

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