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Angel the Series

"Joss Whedon, the creator and executive producer of the international hit series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' combines supernatural adventure and dark humor in this next chapter of the mythology that extends the coming-of-age parable beyond the teenage years. Just as Whedon and executive producer David Greenwalt brought the monsters of adolescence to life with 'Buffy,' this one-hour series will explore the twists and turns of early adulthood with the same irony and wit with which they viewed the high school years. The official website for ANGEL is

A centuries-old vampire cursed with a conscience, Angel (David Boreanaz) has left the small California town of Sunnydale and the only woman he ever loved to take up residence in the City of Angels. Between the pervasive evil and countless temptations lurking beneath the cityís glittering facade, Los Angeles proves to be the ideal address for a fallen vampire looking to save a few lost souls and, in turn, perhaps redeem his own by restoring hope to those locked in a losing battle with their own demons."

(Used with permission from Twentieth Century Fox Television)

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Current Events

* James Marsters New Role: James Marsters will be appearing in the Warner Brothers television show, "The Mountain" on November 3rd. A WB spokesman said that there's a chance it'll be a recurring role since he'll actually be playing the father of one character:

"James Marsters guest-stars as the father of the Penn Badgley character. According to a WB rep, there's "a chance" Marsters could recur — which would mean you'd have to watch more than one episode of The Mountain. Scary but true."

More news to come...

Older Tidbits

* Buffy Cleared on Charges: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has been cleared on charges of indecency filed by the Parent Television Council and Americans for Decency . In a 5-0 vote the commission dropped the charges having found the show didn't violate any of its indecency regulations. Originally, the PTC had filed complaints specifically because of the episode "Smashed" from Season 6. Spike and Buffy's character's fight leads to sex. In the published release of the findings, they said "There was no nudity and there was no evidence that the activity depicted was dwelled upon or was used to pander, titillate or shock the audience."

* Whedonverse lives on: Series creator Joss Whedon mentioned in a recent interview with Zap2it that despite the end of the final show in the "Buffyverse" line, that isn't the end. He plans to continue on with the stories through the Buffy comic-book series. As for an AtS movie, he said, "I'd rather stop now than do anything by halves." Not the best news, but he continues by saying, "I just don't believe that the Buffyverse is dead."


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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