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The reason Ally McBeal has made into is because of its fantastic visualisation of the human condition. From the very first episode, Ally's mental instability has been used for fantastic effect. Dancing Babies, sexual coffee, fire-breathing, the Billy girls, Judges obsessed with teeth, waddles and pygmies, they all have a place on Ally McBeal.

Have fun in this section, as always, but if anything offends you, then I have but one thing to say: "Bygones!"

In The News
November 6, 2002

Ally McBeal is now cancelled for any future shows at Fox, but you can see it in syndication at FX, if you live in the US. For more information on showtimes in your area, you can visit the FX Networks website at

March 1, 2002
In the news lately, Ally McBeal has been cancelled. As for the final season, you only have a few more episodes left. You can see the series finale on May 20th (check your local listings for the times)
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