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General Business

Gone for the Winter: I'm going through some health troubles. Combined with school (which I'm taking a Leave of Absence to deal with medical troubles, and my part time job... yeah. It's been tough getting anything done around here.

I've been looking into new fandoms, and thinking about changes I want to make to the site. There's a few shows I want to add, and taking my cues from you all... I get the idea you want more.

I'll be back a the first of the year. No telling then what will happen, but stay tuned!


New Shows

The New Doctor Who

The show newly brought back to life from the depths of the television graveyard, starring Christopher EcclestonChristopher Eccleston, was a smash hit. However, with his sudden departure nobody can say for sure what will happen to the reborn favorite.

A new doctor has been brought in, and this time it's a younger actor by the name of David Tennant (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

I had a chance recently to view the latest episode, which aired December 25th. It was a preview really considering the full season won't start until sometime in the spring. I must say that despite my hesitancy to watch a new doctor I am smitten with the new version. He's funny, he's cute, he's just a bit of a geek. He rather reminds me of a few of the doctors past, including his most recent predecessor. He will be a find addition to the show if he plays his cards right.

I won't spoil anything for you, but for the fans of the old show you'll want to watch closely in the next season. A few old favorites are being dusted off and put back into use. There will also be some guest stars that some might recognize from other shows, such as Tony Head from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

If you'd like to find out more, I suggest you visit the official site. It's actually got a surprising amount of information on the show, and plenty of extras to keep you entertained while you're waiting for the next episode.

Discuss it in the Forum...

SciFi Updates

* Fans of the video game Splinter Cell might not be as thrilled about the upcoming film based on the books that started the franchise. Author of the Splinter Cell novels, Raymond Benson, has been quoted recently as saying he didn't expect any similarities to the game or novels other than the main character's name. Now the word on the street is that the screenplay is original. Only time will tell.

Now if you're as confused as I am about the Tom Clancy series and the alternate names popping up, let me just say that Splinter Cell is a franchise. Much like some of my favorite science fiction television shows, they have novels out there written by other authors. As for Raymond Benson, he wrote his under the pseudonym David Michaels. More info...

More news to come...

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